What we are doing and why

The City and TTC will be undertaking track renewal on Bathurst Street between Dundas and Wolseley in the Fall of 2020. Further details, including a construction notice, will follow.

Preliminary work - Rail welding/storage location

The preliminary rail-welding work was conducted by TTC track staff between June 8 and 13.

This work involved welding standard lengths of rail into longer strings in advance of track reconstruction, which allows for faster track installation, thereby reducing the construction disruption to local communities.

The rails support two projects:

  • City bridge rehabilitation and rail replacement at the Bathurst Street Bridge - ongoing
  • Rail replacement on Bathurst between Dundas and Wolseley - Fall 2020

The long strings of rail are currently stored in the northbound curb lane of Bathurst Street, south of Dundas Street. The rail pile will be depleted as the track work and new rail installation progresses over the course of the two projects.

TTC service – 511 Bathurst route

  • Buses are currently operating along the entire route, diverting around the bridge/road closure to the Exhibition Loop for the duration of the project.

Thank you for your patience as the City and TTC undertakes rehabilitative infrastructure work. 

For further information:

Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison, 647-468-4183, diego.sinagoga@ttc.ca.