What we are doing and why

Preliminary rail welding work will be conducted in advance of a multi-phase streetcar track renewal project on Howard Park Avenue later this year by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and City of Toronto. The limits of the project will extend from inside the High Park Loop to Sunnyside Avenue, and also the intersection of Howard Park Avenue/Dundas Street West/Lynd Avenue.

Preliminary work - Rail welding/storage location

The preliminary rail-welding work in advance of the track project is required by the TTC.

When this work starts, a rail welding crew will occupy the track area on Howard Park Avenue between Indian Road and Sunnyside Avenue. This work involves welding standard lengths of rail into longer strings in advance of track reconstruction, which will allow for faster track installation, thereby reducing the construction disruption to local communities. The long strings of rail will be moved to a temporary holding area between Sunnyside Avenue and Roncesvalles Avenue then moved to the westbound curb lane on Howard Park Avenue east of Roncesvalles Avenue where they will remain stored. The rail pile will be depleted as the track work and new rail installation progresses over the course of the project.

Work hours - some night activity

The preliminary rail welding operations will be conducted between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Some after hours and night deliveries of rail may be required to support the daytime welding operation. The set-up for the welding work zone on the first day, will begin at approximately 7:30 a.m.

In order to move/pull the long strings of rail safely and efficiently through the Howard Park Avenue and Roncesvalles Avenue intersection from the west side of Roncesvalles Avenue to the storage area east of Roncesvalles Avenue, a night crew will pull the rails overnight with a Toronto police escort. Some noise can be expected during this activity.

Parking and traffic restrictions

  • On-street parking will be restricted along sections of Howard Park Avenue in order to create a safe work zone and to maintain traffic in both directions. Parking will also be restricted where the rails will be stored, east of Roncesvalles Avenue.
  • Left turns will be prohibited within the work zone. Traffic may need to approach from the opposite direction in order to make a right turn into side streets or driveways.

TTC service - 506/306 Carlton route

  • During the preliminary welding work, streetcars will divert to Dundas West Station via Dundas Street West. Customers along Howard Park Avenue can walk to the nearest transit service crossing Howard Park Avenue; at Parkside Drive (80 Queensway buses) or Roncesvalles Avenue (504/304 King streetcars) or Dundas Street West (506/306 Carlton streetcars and 505 Dundas buses).
  • During the track renewal project later this year, streetcars will be replaced with buses along the entire route. Buses will be diverted to the Dundas West Station.

Thank you for your patience as the TTC undertakes this preliminary rail welding work.

For further information

Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison Officer, 647-468-4183, diego.sinagoga@ttc.ca