City and TTC construction will end and regular service will resume through the Queen Street East and Kingston Road intersection. The consolidation of service on Kingston Road on 503 Kingston Rd will continue on a trial basis.

Customers travelling to destinations on Queen Street, west of Broadview Avenue, will continue to be required to transfer to 501 QUEEN service.

Routing Details

503 (York-Victoria Park)

  • Westbound: From Bingham Loop (on the west side of Victoria Park Avenue, north of Kingston Road) via south on Bingham Avenue, west and south on Kingston Road, west on Queen Street East, southwest and west on King Street East, to York Street.
  • Eastbound: From York Street/King Street via north on York Street, west on Richmond Street West, south on University Avenue, east on King Street West, east and northeast on King Street East, east on Queen Street East, north and east on Kingston Road, and north on Victoria Park Avenue to Bingham Loop.