Several changes will take effect March 31, 2019 (unless otherwise noted) and include service increases, service reliability improvements, schedule/route/service adjustments and construction-related changes.

Service Increases

37 Islington
Schedules will be revised on the 37 Islington bus route on Saturday and Sunday to better reflect observed ridership.

Service will be increased on the 37 Islington during the daytime on Saturday. Service on the 37A will be improved from every 13 to 15 minutes to every 13 to 14 minutes. Service on the 37B will improve from every 20 minutes to every 14 to 16 minutes. In the early evening, service on the 37A will be reduced from every 13 to 17 minutes and from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes in the late evenings.

167 Pharmacy North
Service during the midday will be changed to operate on the 167A (Don Mills Station to Steeles via Consumers) branch. This will increase service between Don Mills Station and the Consumers Road area.

95 York Mills / 995 York Mills Express 
Schedules will be revised in the midday period Monday to Friday to reduce overcrowding for customers. New midday service will be introduced to 995 York Mills Express to replace 95B (York Mills Station-U of T Scarborough). The 95C (York Mills Station-Ellesmere Station) branch will be introduced to supplement local service west of Ellesmere Station.

Local service west of Ellesmere Station will be reduced from every 7 minutes to every 10 minutes. Express service will operate every 15 minutes. Overall, combined service west of Ellesmere Station will operate on average every 6 minutes. Between Ellesmere Station and Military Trail, service will be reduced from every 7 minutes to every 8 to 9 minutes on average between 95A and 995. East of Military Trail, service will be reduced from every 14 minutes to every 20 minutes.

Service Reliability Improvements

The Service Reliability Program, which continuously monitors and improves schedules to better match observed operating conditions, will result in new schedules for the following lines/routes:

  • 49  Bloor West (effective April 1, 2019)
  • 50 Burnhamthorpe  (effective April 1, 2019)
  • 82 Rosedale
  • 83 Jones
  • 92 Woodbine South
  • 106 Sentinel
  • 115 Silver Hills
  • 122 Graydon Hall
  • 167 Pharmacy North
  • 900 Airport Express

Schedule/route/service adjustments

21 Brimley
Service will be adjusted during the early evening period Monday to Friday to reflect observed ridership. Service will be reduced from every 12 minutes to every 14 minutes.

34 Eglinton East
Schedules will be adjusted in the morning peak period from Monday to Friday. In the morning peak period, service will change from every 10 to 11 minutes to every 12 minutes. Service levels will not change in any other period.

The eastbound routing on 34B (Don Mills to Kennedy Station) branch will be modified to provide service to Concord Place on Saturdays.

925 Don Mills Express (effective April 1, 2019)
To facilitate an easier transfer for Wheel Trans customers, the southbound nearside stop at Don Mills and York Mills will be changed to the farside stop on the 925 Don Mills Express.

Construction-related changes

22 Coxwell / 322 Coxwell
A City bridge rehabilitation project is scheduled to commence April 2019 on Coxwell Avenue, south of Danforth Avenue. Northbound lanes along Coxwell Avenue between Upper Gerrard Street East and Hanson Street will be closed for approximately 18 weeks. Northbound service will be diverted east on Gerrard Street East, north on Woodbine Ave and west onto Danforth Avenue to Coxwell Station. Southbound routing will not change and customers should expect longer than normal travel times.

Northbound customers travelling to Line 2 can access Woodbine Station from a temporary stop on Danforth Avenue, west of Woodbine Avenue.

29 Dufferin / 929 Dufferin Express
The 29 Dufferin and 929 Dufferin Express buses will be temporarily re-routed to terminate at Princes’ Gate Loop, via Exhibition Place. Buses will not enter Dufferin Gate Loop and will serve stops on Dufferin at Springhurst in both directions. 929 Dufferin Express buses will operate express from Springhurst Avenue to Princes’ Gate.

In addition, 929 Dufferin Express buses will serve both the nearside and farside stops at Eglinton Avenue due to pedestrian restrictions at the intersection resulting from Metrolinx Line 5 Eglinton construction.

There will be no change in the routing for the 329 Dufferin.